About Us

Global Artisans


 We curate collections that are handmade or handcrafted.  This is a concept that is new to many but one that Magnolia Boutique has built a foundation on and will continue to campaign.  We see the beauty in what our designer create and know you will too.   

Purpose Driven


Magnolia Boutique was birthed from a desire to provide women with fashion that was more about them and their individual life-style and less about what was trending. Since our birth in 2016 we have grown to include more eco-friendly, fair trade and sustainable collections. Phyllis, our co-founder and Chief Merchandising Officer curates each design after conducting enhanced due-diligence on each designer. Providing high quality designer handmade clothing and accessories is a commitment that Phyllis and her team; which includes her daughter Amya a Junior Associate at the boutique. Discover "Life-Style with Purpose".  


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We curate with purpose and intention to bring to you collections that are crafted with pride, dedication and tells the story of the maker.  With this we guarantee our collections to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship.